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Shadow Diagrams

To provide a quote I will need architectural drawings and a survey.

I will use a 3D program to model the proposed building and the existing building.

Modelling the buildings and site in 3D will allow the shadows to accurately fall on the slope of the land.

The shadow may also fall onto neighbouring buildings.

Calculating these shadow diagrams using traditional methods is time consuming and can be inaccurate.

There are two formats we provide for the shadow diagrams. These are listed below:

1. CAD Format

From the 3D model I generate the shadows and convert to CAD format.

Final copies are supplied on A1 or A3 paper and in pdf and CAD format with all the council required information.


Please contact me if you would like to see more examples shadow diagrams.

Note that these drawings can show elevational shadows and the difference between the existing and proposed shadows.


2. Rendered Image Format

I can provide the images rendered from the 3D software. These views will be in plan and from a birds eye view.

The views will not be in elevation.

The images will be of the proposed and existing buildings as separate images as shown in the birds eye view below.

Please contact me if you would like to see more examples of our shadow diagrams.
3D Archpix
Newcastle, Australia